At IPM, we understand the challenges faced by today's Investors. With prices soaring, interest rates climbing, and inventory near record lows, it's never been more important to make sound business decisions when it comes to your rental portfolio.

IPM brings a new level of clarity and predictability to your maintenance plan, leveraging over 30 years of experience in the trades and firsthand experience in Real Estate Investing and Management to provide reliable, timely, accurate, and professional maintenance services 24/7/365.

Our business is built upon four key principles:

  • Predictability - For Logbook subscribers, we conduct a thorough initial inspection of each property, focusing on condition and age of items. We then provide an expected lifecycle estimate of each item along with anticipated repair or replacement costs. This greatly reduces unexpected expenses, allowing the Investor to more accurately project expenses and cashflows. We also conduct periodic preventative maintenance to reduce CapEx expenditures as well as ensure legal compliance (when appropriate). For a'la carte customers, we provide the same information for the delivered service.
  • Reliability - We are a 24 hour a day operation and have guaranteed response times for our clients. We ALWAYS respond in less than an hour to any client contact. We can usually respond same day to smaller issues and can coordinate larger projects to keep vendors on track and delivery times as expected. We show up on time every time, respecting your time and trust. If your scheduling is flexible, we may be able to offer discounts.
  • Honesty - We are driven to achieve our goal of being the #1 name in Investment Property Maintenance. We can only achieve that by partnering with our clients to maximize mutual success, and that only happens when we are completely honest and forthcoming. We are not here for a quick buck; we are here for the long haul and that ethos fosters clear communication and realistic expectations. We lean towards overcommunicating and want to make sure our Clients have accurate information to make the best decision possible.
  • Quality - Our work product standards are very high, and we care about the results of our efforts. We deliver the best results possible so our clients can shine in front of their tenants. We show up professionally with clean vehicles and clean hands, treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and leave nothing but a fantastic impression in our wake.

IPM is a female Veteran owned and operated business. Our Founder's father was a "house flipper" before that term was coined, and she grew up with a hammer and a tool belt and developed a passion for building. While in the U.S. Navy, she learned work ethic and focus, as a pilot and air traffic controller, she learned the value of attention to detail and as a tech Entrepreneur, she learned about providing value and reducing complexity. The combination of these skills and experiences, together with a team of hard working, motivated professionals enables IPM to be the premier solution to Investment Property Maintenance.



To get started, give us a call or text at 725-222-1949 or Send an email